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JULY 16 - AUG. 3
Approx. $3800-$4200

Why we go…

Europe Announcements:

NOVEMBER 1 $500 Deposit Due 

Payment Schedule:






*The final payment will go up or down depending on flight and exchange rate.

Nov. 1

Jan. 15

Mar. 15

May 15

 TENTATIVE: Europe Tour Itinerary

DAY                                     EVENT                                                                                                                    LOCATION                                      

WEEK 1  

July 16, Su

July 17, M

July 18, T

July 19, W

July 20, Th

July 21, F

July 22, S

WEEK 2  

July 23, Su

July 24, M

July 25, T

July 26, W

July 27, Th

July 28, F

July 29, S

WEEK 3  

July 30, Su

July 31, M

Aug 1, T

Aug 2, W

Aug 3, Th

Fly SLC to Prague

Check in to Hotel, sleep, orientation meeting

Sightseeing in Paris

Sightseeing in Paris

Travel Day: Fly or Bus Paris - Prague

Sightseeing in Prague, Festival performance

Sightseeing in Prague, Festival performance

Travel Day: Prague - Munich

Salzburg Day Trip (Sound of Music tour)

Neuschwanstein Day Trip

Dauchau, BMW Factory

Travel Day: Fly Munich - Manchester, bus to Preston

Preston, Temple & Area tour, Youth Outreach performance 

Bus to London, stops at Warwick Castle & Stratford-Upon-Avon

London, Church, Museums, Hyde Park, Hampton Palace

Sightseeing in London, Theatre

Sightseeing in London, Youth Outreach performance 

Sightseeing in London

Travel Day: Fly London - SLC





















Year 1:  Europe

2017, 2022, 2025


Year 2: California

2018, 2023, 2026

Year 3: East Coast 

2019, 2024, 2027

Year 4: tbd

Parents Trip??

9-12th graders, Parents, ext family welcome. Cost: $4000ish. Prague, Czech Republic; Salzburg, Austria; Munich, Germany (Bavaria); Preston & London England, Paris.


Family trip – all ages. 1st Week of June. Cost: driving $800s, flying $900s

Universal Studios, Disneyland, Medieval Times Castle, Beach. 

9-12th graders. Early June. Cost tbd. Washington DC, New York, Boston, ?Philadelphia.

??Optional extension: Church History sites, Outreach in nature – workshops and shows with local youth groups. 



1.  Who is eligible to go?    Dancers 9th – 12th grades.  Any dancer not traveling with a parent or family member will be assigned to an adult. We consider the adults who travel with us our assistant “shepherds” and they will have a few sheep, beside their own, assigned to them.


NOTE:  8th graders who are dancing up to Jr 9 can go if accompanied by a parent.


2.  Can Parents go?  Yes, we usually have a large group of parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.


3.  When is the trip?  Dates are still TBD. The Festival dates have not been posted. It will probably be the last two weeks of July and the first week of August.


4. When are the practices for the dancers? The festival team/s will practice in May – July. We haven’t yet determined the schedule. It may be twice a week depending on the amount of material to be learned.


5.  What do we do?  See itinerary. 


6.  How much does it cost?  Ballpark: $3800 - $4200

The final cost depends on airfare and currency exchange rates. The only cost in US Dollars is the airfare. Everything else is in Euros or British Pounds.  It is expected that the exchange rate will go up in the coming months, so that will increase the cost. But how much it will go up is impossible to predict.


7. What is included in the cost:  Everything except lunch/dinner and souvenirs.

Includes: airfare, ground travel, hotel w/ breakfast, all admissions as group, festival fees.


8. When do we have to decide?  Nov 1.   There will be a commitment form and deposit due.


9. Do we need a passport? YES. We’ll send details of where/how to apply.

    Adult passports (age 16+) are $110. Child passports are $80.


10. How much should we plan on for meals? Minimum $15/day, average $20. There is fast food everywhere (McD, Subway), markets (bread, cheese, fruit), and local fare restaurants. We don’t eat as a group, so everyone will be in control of their food budget.


11. Hotel rooming assignments: In Prague, the dancers will all stay together in rooms arranged by the festival. The rest of our group will stay in the same hotel as the dancers. Parents will be roomed together as efficiently as possible: married couples in their own room, moms will room together. Other family members will stay together as requested.


In Munich, Preston, London, the dancers can room with parents if desired, or with other parent-dancer sets such as two mother/daughter set together. The hotels will have varied rooms, such as doubles, triples, quads. Some rooms cost more than others, but we will equalize the hotel cost unless there is a special request for a larger room. 

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