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Shawn & Janie Fisher

Owners and Directors.

​They both graduated from BYU a long time ago in a valley four hours away. Shawn was a principle dancer for the BYU Ballroom Company (ranked 3rd individually in the U.S. and a team bronze at worlds) and Janie was a clogger with the International Folk Dancers. She converted to ballroom after marriage, a wise choice since the foxtrot is much less taxing than clogging for a person of her age. Together they have served as the National Dance Directors for the National League of Junior Cotillions. Shawn is the Dance Area Coordinator at BYU-Idaho and Janie is adjunct faculty and oversees the student teacher program. Shawn has served as the Sr. Vice President of USA Dance and the editor of American Dancer Magazine.  They are the parents of 7 delightful children, all who dance whether they wanted to or not! (They'll thank us later.)


IBA is proud​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ of its talented and professional staff. Our coaches have vast ballroom experience

in performance, coaching, and choreography. ​​


Shawn Fisher: Comp Team, Tech Classes, Semi-Privates Lessons

Katie Anderson: Gold Lift

Ashley Larsen: Comp Team, Sr. Gold, Silver Lift

Caroline Barzee: Jr. Thurs., Pre-Jr. Thurs., Pre-Teen

Elise Rich: Pre-Jr. Wed.

Sam Fisher: Sr. Red, Jr. Wed.

Sara Fisher: Sr. Red, Jr. Wed.

Michael Fisher: Sr. Black, Jr. Tues

Heidi & Pono Kaneao: Sr. White

Jennifer Taylor: Pre-Teen Wed

(208) 313-0465   fishers@byui.edu

(208) 419–2290  fisherk777@gmail.com

(208) 419-2888   ashleyfisher7708@icloud.com 

(208) 206-8215   carolinejudithb@gmail.com

(208) 206-3661    joh16053@byui.edu

(208) 403-2463   fishsam777@gmail.com

(541) 944-7479    christensen.slc@gmail.com

(208) 403-5109   michaelsfisher7@gmail.com

(208) 206-0581   heidi.fisher96@gmail.com

(208) 390-1889  jenbtay@gmail.com