NEW DANCER REGISTRATION *closed for girls For dancers who are going in to 6th or 7th grades

NEW DANCER REGISTRATION *closed for girls For dancers who are going in to 8th grade or higher

PRE-JUNIOR TEAM REGISTRATION *closed for girls 7th Grade Dancers II The lists aren’t finalized - we’re still working on recruiting a few more boys. We will possibly need a few double boys. We are thinking about doing 3 total teams with the Pre’s, one 6th, one 7th and one mixed grades.

Pre-Teens: 6th grade: 12B - 14G

Pre-Juniors: 7th grade: 12B - 19G

JR. TEAM REGISTRATION *closed for girls 8th-9th Grade Dancers II There are 9 doubles boys needed. The three Junior teams will be mixed 8th/9th grades. We also have girls on a waiting list, so if you know any boys who might be willing…

8th: 11B - 11G

9th: 11B - 20G

SENIOR TEAM REGISTRATION *closed for girls 10th-12th Grade Dancers II There are 12 double boys needed - that 11th grade deficit is a killer!! I think all of the boys that age have always doubled.

10th: 12B - 14G

11th: 6B - 20G

12th: 11B - 7G

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WHO: Dancers in 9th - 12th grades. Auditions are always difficult. All auditioning dancers will be equally considered. We have many returning lift dancers, but last year’s dancers are not guaranteed

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