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Updated: Oct 19

Hi IBA Parents and Dancers, Here is the Financial and Payment Information for the year. After reading through this, please feel free to call or email me or Shar-a-lynn Randall l if anything doesn’t make sense to you or if you have specific questions. Shar-a-lynn is our head bookkeeper. She will be at the SOP day to meet with you about arranging your payments. Again this year, the monthly payments begin in October and end in May (8 months). There is not a tuition charge for May, each month’s payment will be paying for the previous month. We hope this helps in two ways: one - it gives us more time to gather and submit the bank transfer forms, and two - it will give your bank account time to recover from the back-to-school fees, clothes, supplies, etc. The “Payment Plan” form is attached which lists the total for each team. If you have more than one child dancing, the monthly transfer amount will be the total for all dancers. A personalized summary has been prepared for each dancer and will be given to you at the SOP day. The amounts will include approved scholarship or trade amounts as well as past due balances and/or any credit owed to you from the previous year. Please come prepared with your checking account information if you plan to set up a monthly payment. This is a transfer from your bank account to the IBA account at Beehive Federal Credit Union. If you are using a bank account other than BFCU, please bring a voided check or a letter from your bank with your routing and account numbers. We really appreciate you coming prepared, it saves everyone a lot of time. Please note: PARENTS - If you are unable to come to the SOP day and are sending your dancer to take care of financial details, please contact Shar-a-lynnl ahead of time so that she can discuss the financial details with you and be sure that you have signed any necessary forms. Payments can be made two ways: 1. Full year one-time payment. Check, Cash, Venmo (@IBA-1), Card, PayPal. A Paypal or card payment will incur a 3% fee. Pay on SOP Day, or request a Paypal invoice by replying to this message. • 10% tuition discount given. Fees are not discounted. • Due by Oct 10. After this date, there will be no discount. Any full year payments made after this date will have a $30 late fee added. 2. Monthly bank transfer. • 8 monthly payments, October - May. The year’s total is divided into 8 equal payments and included tuition and all fees. • A bank transfer form must be turned in by Sept 30. Any forms turned in after this date will have a $30 late fee added to their dancer’s account. Transfer set-up instructions: There are two forms attached. One is for those who will be transferring from a Beehive Credit Union account and the other for transfers from a different banking institution. 1. Fill out the appropriate form. You can type in the information in the fillable pdf format, or you can print the form and write in the information. 2. Print and Sign the form (electronic signatures are not accepted on the outside transfer form). 3. If using the form for a different bank, attach a voided check. 4. Turn in the form: turn in on SOP Day or submit it directly to Shar-a-lynn Randall. She will then submit the forms to Beehive. Explanation of Fees: 1. Costume: $30/costume. All Senior teams will have 4 costumes ($120), the Juniors, Pre-Jr, and Pre-Teen teams have 3 costumes ($90). The costume fee is equalized between boys and girls. Sometime a boy gets only a tie or a vest, but the fee is considered a total costume cost and not just what they wear individually. Costumes remain the property of IBA. 2. Competition: Covers the entry fees for the Christmas Classic, Utah Classic (Jrs and Srs) and the Gem State Classic. Pre’s: $35 (Christmas Classic $10, GSC $25) Jrs: $50 (Christmas Classic $10, Utah Classic $15, GSC $25) Srs: $55 (Christmas Classic $10, Utah Classic $15, GSC, $30) Lift adds $10. Comp team will pay for additional competition entry fees separately NOTE: The competitions are part of the commitment of being on an IBA Team. If a dancer misses one of these competitions due to family emergency, illness or injury, we will issue a credit to the dancer’s account. No refunds will be made if the dancer misses for any other reason, such as a conflict with another activity. 3. Concert: $15/dancer. This helps cover some of the rental cost of the High School auditorium. The rental fee is over $3,000. There is not an admission charge for the audience. 4. Coach: Pre-Teen & Pre-Jr $15, Jr & Sr $20. This fee will be paid in total to the coaches to compensate them for their time spent at outside of class events such as the competitions and performances. 5. Pictures/DVD: $15/dancer. We will be taking a team picture, and an individual picture of each dancer and then putting these in an online gallery for you to download as desired. For the Spring Concert video, we will be offering an online link to view the concert instead of a hard copy. 6. Snack: ($15) The Pre-Teen teams who meet right after school will be provided with a snack and a drink every week. MISC CONSIDERATIONS: Dance Gear: All dance gear must be paid for at time of purchase or order. Double Dancers: Those who are dancing on two teams do not pay a second team tuition. They pay only the costume fee for the second team. Alternates: There is no additional cost for being an alternate. If the alternate ends up with a permanent spot on the team, they will pay the costume fee. Scholarship/Trades: All scholarships and trades are for tuition only. The fees are still owed by each dancer (costume, competition, concert, coach, photo/video). Those receiving Financial Aid for this year will receive an individual email notification. All those who receive financial aid are expected to contribute service hours at the various events during the year or help with other tasks such as laundering costumes. Lift Team: The Lift team is an additional $190/yr and will be figured into the monthly payment. See the payment form for the breakdown of costs. Since lift is an optional team, scholarships do not cover the lift team tuition.

Please feel free to contact me or Shar-a-lynn with any questions. Janie Fisher Director, Idaho Ballroom Academy 208-201-6366 Shar-a-lynn Randall (208) 201-0592

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