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Middle School Show

Here is the information for the Madison Middle School Show on FRIDAY, APRIL 14. 

REMEMBER: This is not a school-excused absence. Even though we are performing at the middle school, we are not a school group, so it needs to be parent-excused. We will send a list of 5th & 6th grade students to the middle school, and also a list to the junior high so they know which students are involved. 

 If your dancer is not coming to this show, please contact your coach right away if you haven’t yet. 

The Senior Comp and Sr Gold teams will perform in both shows, but the other teams will be in one or the other. The show lists are below, not in show order. 

Dancers should arrive 35-40 minutes before the show begins. Come in through the back doors, back parking lot. We will be gathering in the lunch room, and using the locker rooms for changing.  We can’t spread out in the lunch room, as the middle school students will be coming in for lunch while we are there. 

There will be some chairs set up along the sides of the gym for parents who would like to watch. 


    All girls bring fishnets (or tights), leos, dance shoes. 

    Senior and Junior teams: Hair may be tightly combed into a low ponytail. Team make-up. 

    Pre-Junior and Pre-Teen girls: half-up hair, light make-up. 

BOYS:  Hair neatly combed. Bring Latin or Black pants, black socks & shoes. Undershirts and running shorts. Bring Tux shirts or White button-ups as needed by team. 


This is not the show order, just a list of the teams/routines so you can quickly find your info.

Show: 11:20Arrive: 10:45     6th Grade

1 MMSGreased Lightning

2Pre-Jr WedMy Life

3Pre-Jr ThursA Whole New World

4Jr MonA Good Song Never Dies

5Jr WedIsn't She Lovely

6Sr BlackHippie Hippie Shake

7Sr Gold Let’s get it started

8Sr CompAll Better

9Sr Comp1000 dances

10Bronze LiftFeels like today

11IBA Gold LiftAmen

Show: 1:10Arrive: 12:30      5th Grade

1MMSGreased Lightning

2Pre-Teen WedRatatouille

3Pre-Teen ThursAll For One

4Jr Thurs Light it Up

5Sr RedGoosebumps

6Sr Gold Let’s get it started

7Sr Gold El Caribe

8Sr CompJump In

9Sr Comp1000 dances

10Silver LiftBeliever

11IBA Combined LiftRemember Me


Janie FisherDirector, Idaho Ballroom Academy208-201-6366

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