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Mid-August Updates

Hi IBA Dancers and Parents,

If you are new this year, I’d like to introduce our motto: “Blessed are the Flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape!”

And our theme song: 🎵 “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes” 🎶

One thing that we have learned - if we will all be patient and understanding with changes, everything will go a lot more smoothly! Sadly I’m known for mixing up dates and/or details. I’m so grateful for everyone’s grace with me!

So - Here are some changes, corrections, clarifications, updates, and repeated information:

Request: If there is any information about your dancer that would be helpful to us to know, please do contact me. It is very beneficial if we know a dancer has a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, depression, or any other particular conditions. We will be very respectful with this information.

1. August Newsletter: If you didn’t receive it Monday, please reply and let me know. Some of the new dancer’s contact info hadn’t downloaded to the master mailing list yet, and we missed some of you.

2. Classes begin: Sept 5. Some classes will have a “jump start” class the week before. More info to come about these.

3. Class Schedule: Two changes as follow:

1) There are too many girls for the Red & Black Sr teams, so we are changing the Mon Jr team into a Sr team. The Junior dancers will be placed on the Wed or Thurs teams. We will need several Jr boys to double on to the Sr Teams.

2) The Gold & Comp have switched their Thurs schedule.

The TEAM INFO PAGE is attached. See this page for the general info & costs associated with each team. 4. TEAM SCHEDULES REQUEST: To submit requests for schedule or friends and double duty boys: We try to place the dancers on teams to create balance in skill, experience, and personality. If your dancer has an unchangeable conflict, or a specific friend request, please submit that on the request form. If your dancer’s schedule is flexible, please allow us to place your dancer according to what we think will be the best spot for each one. Please submit by next Mon, Aug 14. Find the forms at the corresponding links below: Pre-T/Pre-Jr Request Junior Team Request Senior Team Request 5. LIFT TEAM Audition: Date Correction: Aug 29 & 31 (Tues & Thurs), 9-10 pm. All dancers must fill out the audition form here: Lift Audition Registration 6. SOP DAY Saturday, September 16. (SIZING-ORDERING-PAYMENT DAY). There are no payments due before this day. This is the day to size and order all needed gear and to set up payment arrangements for the year. Order forms and specific financial info will be coming.

6. TECHNIQUE CLASSES Click here to sign up: Tech Class Registration. $40/semester/dancer Technique classes are optional (but very strongly recommended) and meet separately from the regular team practices. Dancers must have a partner to register. They will rotate some in the class, but will mainly practice with their registration partner. Dancers do not need to be on the same team as their technique partner, but should be in the same age category (Pre, Jr, Sr). They will learn two syllabus dances each semester (fall/winter) that are not taught in their team. They will compete these dances with their partner. The tuition is paid by semester separate from regular team fees.

7. SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS: For dancers who compete in “Open”, we are offering semi-private lessons for 3-4 couples at a time. The schedule will be set once it is know what couples are planning on the lessons. Register here: Semi-Pvt Registration

8. GROUP MESSAGING: Please download the BAND app and join the “IBA MAIN” group for now (if you are new), and then when class lists are set, we’ll send the invites for the specific teams.

Here is the link to find it on your phone

9. WEBSITE/Coach’s Contact info All of the info that we email out is posted on the website. You can go to the website instead of searching back through emails to find needed details. The coach’s contact info is at the bottom of every email and on the website.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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