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Gem State Info.

Get Comfy - here’s another Marathon Message! Gem State starts in three days for the Pre-Teens, Pre-Juniors, and Juniors! Here are some final details, reminders and help requests! Please know that you can check the gem state website, which has all the schedules, etc. The coaches are also sending out team specific info on the Band groups. Please make sure to check those messages. There schedules are again attached for your reference: 1. Syllabus Schedule: each team marked by color for their events

GSC IBA Syllabus Sched 2023
Download PDF • 176KB

2. Team Schedule: IBA teams highlighted

GSC IBA Team Schedule 23
Download PDF • 1.47MB

3. School Map - you can see where the changing rooms are

4. Solo cabaret order for those who are in this event.

GSC 23 Solo Cabaret (1)
Download PDF • 310KB

First - remember that this event has a jillion entries (well almost - 900+ dancers, almost 200 team routines). It will be packed with dancers. Most of the teams practice many more hours a week than ours do, so please keep that in mind as you are watching. Help your dancers to not feel discouraged if they do not place or advance in the events. We want them to do their very best and feel good about giving it their all. Second - Dancers have already paid the entry fee with your IBA Fees. There is a master list of names for them to check-in. On Thursday the Pre-Teens & Pre-Juniors don’t get a hand stamp until after the teams are done. The boys will need a hand stamp to pick up their numbers for the syllabus events. On Friday, the Jr and Sr dancers do not need a hand stamp at all. On Saturday, dancers must check-in by name to get a hand stamp. I will be at the check in table the first hour and help stamp in the IBA dancers. The boys will have to check in by name at the number table to get their number. Third - Spectator tickets are available at the door, or pre-purchase available here: GSC TICKETS HELP NEEDED! Please Please Please Please…. We still need many more parents (dancers, friends, neighbors) to sign up to help. Please go to this link to sign-up. GSC Help Sign-Up GEN’L INFO for All Dancers Dancers are free to leave after their last routine’s awards are presented, or after their individual events are done. They should make sure their costume items are gathered and packed back into the costume bag or containers, or hung on the racks - whichever is the case for their costume. We will be sending out COSTUME CARE GUIDELINES in a separate message. GIRLS - must arrive with their hair and make-up ready (unless you’ve arranged with someone to do it there). Bring all your dance gear: leos, fishnets, shoes, etc. Please label everything! We’ve had several items be picked up by mistake and not returned. BOYS - some of the boys need a haircut (I know - it just keeps growing!). We want them to look very sharp! Don’t forget Latin pants or black pants, black long socks and dance shoes. Several teams need to bring their own white button-up shirts or tux shirts. Candi has posted team specific costume info in the Band groups. Please make sure to check that. Please caution your dancers to not leave money or other valuables out, or even in a place that could be easily discovered (cell phones, i-pads, etc). Syllabus Dress Code Reminders: Girls - the black skirts must come to the knee. The black syllabus top must be solid color (no patterns). Hair should be pulled back from face. Flowers/jewelry is allowed in hair, but don't get crazy. Boys - White shirt and tie (any color), black or dark pants (solid color). If a vest is worn - is must be solid black. Bow ties are allowed. PARENTS - bring a cushion! For those of you who have dancers in different age groups, it will be a very long 3 days! Each section is as long (or longer) than our entire concert. And, don’t forget to bring money (or your card) for concessions, medal engraving and I’m pretty sure your dancer will NEED some Gem State Swag!! THURSDAY: Pre-Teens/Pre-Juniors Teams & Syllabus, Junior Syllabus and Open. • Show order and schedule attached. • Changing Rooms: Girls will be in the Trainer’s Room and Boys will be in the lecture room in the hallway straight past the check-in tables. • Dancers should arrive 1 hour before they are scheduled to dance. • Teams start at 9:00am, and then syllabus starts at 12:00. Don’t forget to bring the syllabus clothes: Black and white! • Junior Syllabus starts at 4:30. THURSDAY EVENING: Cabaret Couples • Starts at 8:00 pm. 41 Entries, so plan on 2+ hours. Show order attached. For those who are coming to watch just Cabaret on Thursday evening, the admission is $5. FRIDAY: Junior and Senior Teams • Show order attached. • Juniors start at 9:00am • Seniors start at 12:30pm • Changing Rooms: Girls in the Trainer's room Boys in the Lecture room • Team Match after the team competition! SATURDAY: Youth (senior team) syllabus and open • Schedule attached • Youth syllabus 10:00:00 am • Opens 6:00 - 10:00pm • Jack & Jill Whew! Let us know if you have any other questions -

Janie Fisher Director, Idaho Ballroom Academy 208-201-6366 Shar-a-lynn Randall Shawn Fisher 208-313-0465 Ashley Fisher, 208-419-2888, Shawn Fisher, 208-313-0465, Caroline Bates, 208-206-8215, Elise Rich, 208-206-3661, Sam Fisher, 208-403-2463, Sara Fisher, 541-944-7479, Jennifer Taylor, 208-390-1889, JaronTaylor, ‭208-346-2170‬

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