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Gem State Help Needed

Hi Again - This is our (desperate) plea for help! We are able to keep the cost of the competitions low due to your volunteer help. We are so grateful! Remember that parents whose dancers are on Tuition Trade or Scholarship should plan on several shifts. Any other parent help is very welcome and highly needed. • HELP SIGN-UP: Please click this link to access the google doc sign-up. There are several tabs across the bottom to click on for the various areas of help needed. GSC Help Sign-Up This is the help that is needed: Check-in: The first hour of check-in each day is massive and so the more hands we have the more quickly we can get everyone through. Runners: Dancers are welcome to sign up to be runners during sessions in which they are not competing. Dress clothes or team gear required. Awards help: Dancers are welcome to help with this. (This is a great job for siblings to do who are stuck there all day!) We need people to help hand out the medals to the team dancers who receive a medal. We need at least 3 per awards session (1st, 2nd, 3rd places). There are sign-ups for each category. Those who sign-up would need to be available when that category is finished to come out and hand out the medals. Dress clothes required. Medical on-call: We need to have medical/emergency trained help to be “on-call” during the competition. Almost every year there are some injuries, illnesses, etc. and we would like to have someone at the ready that we can call on. This cam be during the hours that you are there to watch your dancer. Car Pool/Rides: If you are able to give a ride to other dancers, please sign on this page. Those needing a ride should check on this page to find a ride. Evening Cleam-up/ Final Take Down - this is not on the sign-up form. Those who are still there at the bitter end on each evening are invited to help us do a general clean-up. We go through the locker rooms and pick up trash, and gather any items left in the bleachers what should go into a Lost & Found. Those who are there at the end of Saturday are invited to help with the take down and general clean-up. There are usually many of you who stay to help and it does go quickly. We don’t do the heavy cleaning like mopping, but we do try and pick up the main clutter and gather all the lost and found… THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Janie Fisher Director, Idaho Ballroom Academy 208-201-6366 Shar-a-lynn Randall Shawn Fisher 208-313-0465 Ashley Fisher, 208-419-2888, Shawn Fisher, 208-313-0465, Caroline Bates, 208-206-8215, Elise Rich, 208-206-3661, Sam Fisher, 208-403-2463, Sara Fisher, 541-944-7479, Jennifer Taylor, 208-390-1889, JaronTaylor, ‭208-346-2170‬

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