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Treehouse Nursery contacted us this week to ask if we would be able to start our Fundraiser earlier. They are going to do a “Pre-Sale” Promotion this year, starting in April. They didn’t want this to negatively impact our fundraiser, so they offered to us to start earlier. I am really grateful that they took us into consideration in their planning.

So - for those who are interested in doing the TREEHOUSE NURSERY FUNDRAISER, please check out the details below. We need to get back to them by Monday afternoon so they can order the booklets for us to use.

INFO: The Treehouse Nursery Fundraiser is open (and optional) to any IBA dancer. The funds earned can be used for your summer dance expenses (including tour and/or camp) or for any other expenses you choose. The dancer’s earnings are paid to the dancer, not kept as IBA credit. In the past years, some dancers have earned several hundred dollars each. It does take time, hard work, and motivation! Even if you are just buying flowers for your own yard, you can save money by buying through this fundraiser. DETAILS: • Pre-sell hanging Flower Baskets. The incentive to buy from an IBA dancer is that the basket price will be $5 less than the price at the nursery. Dancer’s Earnings: (there will be tax added to the purchase price) $25 basket: $5 $35 basket: $7.50 $50 basket: $10 The nursery will give us packets that have flyers and a certificate-receipt booklet. There are 10 certificates/stubs per booklet. The dancers will collet the ones and fill out a receipt stub that the buyer will then take to the nursery to select their basket. The dancers will turn in their money to IBA and then we will give it all to Treehouse Nursery. They will then give IBA a check for the dancers earning, and we’ll give each dancer a check. SIGN UP HERE: Treehouse Fundraiser by Monday Mar 6. If you want to participate, please go to this link and submit how many booklets you hope to sell. Please be realistic and request only how many you really think you can sell. If you sell out and need more booklets, we will have extra to give you.

Let me know if you have any questions - Janie Fisher Director, Idaho Ballroom Academy 208-201-6366

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