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DWTS Nov 4th 7pm MHS


10:00 Set up: we need a crew of about 5 boys to help Sam with the pipe & drape and sound system.

12:00 Alumni dance rehearsal

12:45 Stars and Partners arrive

1:00 Floor Time for Stars and Partners

2:00 - 3:00: Senior Teams: Dancers please arrive 15 min before your scheduled floor time. Wear wam ups and team shirt.

2:00 All Stars

2:10 Gold Team

2:20 Comp Team

2:30 Black Team

2:40 Red Team

2:50 Pink Team

Performance Show order below

6:15pm Doors Open

6:30pm Senior team dancers should arrive, hair and make-up ready. The locker rooms will be the changing rooms.

7:00pm DWTS begins!!

• The show should be about 90 minutes.

• Dancers need to make sure their costumes are hung up before leaving.

• Some boys need haircuts!! All boy’s hair should be neatly combed and gelled.

• Sr Red boys need to bring a white tux shirt if they have one.

Admission: $5/person, $20/family. At the door or pre-purchase here: DWTS Rexburg Tickets

There will be a drawing for this amazing door prize for those who pre-purchase a ticket!

• Tickets to Kurt Bestor concert

• $50 gift certificate to Frescoe’s

• Overnight stay in AmericInn Theme room

You can also get an entry into the drawing by liking/following the sponsors and sharing the FB post about Dancing with the Stars.

☞ Dancers do not have to pay to get in - but if they would like to cast a vote, they are welcome to buy a ticket.


1. DWTS ALUMNI “We Feel Like Dancing”

2. STAR – Andy Summers (Kelsi Summers) “Beyond the Sea”

3. STAR – Heidi Thompson (Bryant Conder ) “I Ain’t Worried”

4. IBA Sr Red “Goosebumps”

5. MHS Vocal Spectrum “TBA”

6. STAR – Mindy Jensen (Sam Erikson) “Country Fair ”

7. STAR – Enoch Barnhill (Bethany McCoy) “Abba”

8. IBA Sr Black “Merry-Go-Round of Life ”

9. Madison Dance Team “In the Mood”

10. STAR – Mark Nance (Ella Ericksen) “We’re All In This Together”

11. STAR – Macail Chavez (Connor Robertson) “Iris”

12. IBA Sr. Gold “Let’s Get It Started”

13. MHS Music Man Cast “Shipoopi”

14. STAR - Kymberly Stoddard (Charlie Ballard) “Kiss You ”

15. STAR - Logan Bingham (Kambria Bingham) “The Battle”

(the next six numbers will be while the votes are being counted)

1. IBA Sr Pink “Dum Diddly”

2. MHS Vocal Spectrum “TBA”

3. IBA Special Needs “Ma Belle Evangeline”

4. Burton Elementary Ballroom Team “Shake Your Groove Thing”

5. Madison Dance Team “Layers”

6. IBA Sr Comp Team “Land of 1000 Dances”

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