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Updated: Oct 19


We Are So Excited!!! This is such a fun trip. Please consider joining us if you are planning on a family vacation next summer. It is a lifetime memory to go on a performance tour! You can go earlier and/or stay longer if you are driving.

HOW IT WORKS & General guidelines

- We will form teams with the dancers who are going. We cross our fingers that there will be close to the same number of boys and girls.

- Dancers must be 7 years old to perform (this is a Disney requirement).

- Dancers must be 15 years old to go without a parent.

- We will have rehearsals in May to learn the routines.

- Depending on age and how many dancers there are, they will learn 1-3 routines.

- Transportation can be either driving or flying.


Dates: June 9 or 10 to June 15 or 16.


• Disneyland & California Adventure: 2-days (Performance)

• Universal Studios (Performance)

• Medieval Times Castle (Performance)

• ? Knott’s Berry Farm

• Beach

• LA Fashion District

We haven’t finalized the itinerary. We may include Knott’s Berry Farm – either the amusement park or water park, depending on cost (group rates for 2024 not yet posted).


- Lunches/Dinners not included (except for Medieval Times banquet)

- Tour shirt for dancers included

BASE COSTS. These costs are estimates until we know the group size.

$485 Entry Tickets: Disney/Univ Studios/Med Times Castle. Doesn’t include Knott’s

$250 Hotel/person. Based on 4-6 /room. Near Disneyland.

$300 Flight + Vans

$75 Dancer Fee: May rehearsals + costumes.

$50 Coach Fee: This covers the Director/Coach travel & hotel costs.

The total will be split among the whole group.

$10 Tour T-shirt

DANCERS traveling alone, flying with group. Includes all base costs.


DANCERS traveling with family. This does not include hotel.

$920 Flight

$620 Driving

FAMILY MEMBERS staying together in hotel room. Does not include T-shirts (optional).

$1500 Hotel room 6 nights ($250/night). 4-6 persons.

$835 Flight pkg/person

$535 Driving pkg/person


Nov 15 *Deposit and commitment forms due $ 50/person Driving Package

$200/person Flight Package

Feb 1 2nd payment due $300/person

April 15 Final payment due balance due: per person or family

*Deposits fully refundable until January 31. No refunds after this date.

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