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Last year’s newsletter noted the blooming of some daffodils … I still have mounds of snow out of my window. But, I do see predicted temperatures of 50 by the start of next week - Happy Dance!!

• Thanks to everyone for helping to make GEM STATE go so smoothly. We were so proud of all of our dancers, and especially grateful to the Coaches for all they’ve done to prepare their dancers. Going for 3-days is quite a marathon. A SINCERE THANKS to those who helped in any way.

• Gem State Picture Gallery

- Finalists:

- Lost & Found:

Contact Sara to claim anything of yours: 541-944-7479

• It was fun to see all the dancers last week for team pictures. Sam will let us know when he has them uploaded into the gallery. That actually takes a lot longer than the shooting of the pictures. He took a few thousand shots, and that’s a lot to go through!

• The Treehouse Nursery Fundraiser was highly successful! In all, the IBA dancers sold nearly 500 flower baskets. Dancer earnings ranged from $50 to over $400. We’re happy that so many were able to participate, and hope this is helpful to each one.

Now - on to this Month: All teams will meet at their regular times this week. Tech classes are finished for this semester.

In APRIL we have three major events:

1. Middle School Show, April 14.

2. Spring Concert, April 29

3. Senior Team Dinner Dance, May 1

There will be additional info sent for each of these events. Please make sure they are on your calendars. There is a little bit of info in this newsletter.

1. MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOW, Friday, April 14, Madison Middle School. There will be two shows, 11:00 & 1:00. Teams will be in one or the other, (Comp and Combined lift in both). Watch for additional info. We know that some families will be out of town for spring break. Please make sure your coach knows if your dancer isn’t able to come. 2. SPRING CONCERT, April 29, Madison High School. There will be stage practices in the morning/early afternoon. There will be three concert performances. 1. 3:00 Pee Wee, Pre-Teens, Pre-Juniors 2. 5:00 Full company (one routine per team) 3. 7:30 Juniors and Seniors • GRADUATING SENIORS concert routine: the practices will be between the Gold Team and the Comp team, Weds 6:30 - 7:30pm on April 12, 19, 26.

• MOTHER-SON Dance in Concert: the traditional Parent Dance. For 11th and 12th grade boys and their moms. The practices will be in the evenings starting April 11, Tues & Wed 9:00pm.

Sign up here: Mother-Son Dance

LOOKING AHEAD: More info will be sent about each of these events • REGISTRATION for next year: We will begin registration in May. Details will be sent out the end of this month. • SUMMER BALLROOM CAMP: JUNE 26-29, Madison Jr High. Registration will open in May. ABOUT THE DATE: This is earlier than usual because of the Europe Tour. All dancers are expected to attend camp unless they have a reunion or another camp that week. We know it’s impossible to avoid all summer conflicts, but we do ask dancers to request these days off from work. We’re grateful that the Jr High reserves this week for us every year in between their summer sport camps. • SUMMER TOUR 2024: CALIFORNIA!! This tour is for ALL dancers. We invite families to come along. Start thinking about it!! More details will be sent in May. Please feel free to contact me or your team coach with any questions or concerns.

Janie Fisher Director, Idaho Ballroom Academy 208-201-6366 Shar-a-lynn Randall Shawn Fisher 208-313-0465 Ashley Fisher, 208-419-2888, Shawn Fisher, 208-313-0465, Caroline Bates, 208-206-8215, Elise Rich, 208-206-3661, Sam Fisher, 208-403-2463, Sara Fisher, 541-944-7479, Jennifer Taylor, 208-390-1889, JaronTaylor, ‭208-346-2170‬

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