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California 2018

JUNE 3 - 9
Fly Approx. $900-$1000
Drive Apprrox. $650-$750

Why we go…


DEC. 1 Deposit Due 

$50/person driving or self-booked flight

$150/person flying with group

FEB. 1  2nd payment due, $250/person

APR. 1  Final payment due 

This is a family tour, and open to all ages of dancers. We hope to have enough pre-teens and juniors to be able to have them perform in the show. (One year we even had enough

pee wees!). Dancers age 15+ can go without parents. Families are welcome to join us.

California Tour Itinerary

DAY                                       EVENT                                                                                                                                                   


                                                Flight group: SLC - LA 

                                                Check-in to hotel, after 3pm, Park Place Inn, Anaheim.

                                                Excursion to LA Temple Visitors Center for those interested


                                                Universal Studios

                                                “Lights, Camera, Music” Performance on “City Walk” stage


                                                 School or Service shows

                                                 Medieval Times Castle, Performance & Banquet


                                                 Disneyland & California Adventure (2-day park-hopper tickets)

                                                 Performance: Disneyland


                                                 Disneyland & California Adventure

                                                 Performance: California Adventure


                                                 Beach Day

                                                 Church Youth Activity (Workshop, Show, Dance)


                                                 Return flight to SLC (or possible 3rd Disney day*)

This is still very tentative and highly likely to change around. We may not do everything that is listed. We will definitely do the performances at Universal Studios and Disneyland and probably Medieval Times Castle. We will work on the school shows/service shows/ and the church youth activity and hope we can do these.


There will be an option to do a 3rd Disney day for those interested. We will get tickets through their Youth Performance Package, and we have the option to buy both 2-day and 3-day tickets. We have figured the 2-day ticket in the tour prices. The 3-day ticket would $40/person additional. 


Year 1:  Europe

2017, 2021, 2025


Year 2: California

2018, 2022, 2026

Year 3: East Coast 

2019, 2023, 2027

Year 4: tbd

Parents Trip??

9-12th graders, Parents, ext family welcome. Cost: $3000ish. Prague, Czech Republic; Salzburg, Austria; Munich, Germany (Bavaria); Preston & London England, Paris.


Family trip – all ages. 1st Week of June. Cost: driving $600s, flying $800s

Universal Studios, Disneyland, Medieval Times Castle, Beach. 

9-12th graders. Early June. Cost tbd. Washington DC, New York, Boston, ?Philadelphia.

??Optional extension: Church History sites, Outreach in nature – workshops and shows with local youth groups. 

CALI. FAQ 2018



There will be a group flight, or you can arrange your own air travel using miles, points, etc. There are often very good deals online that will be a better fare that what our group rate will be because there are only a few seats per flight at these prices. We won’t be able to finalize our group rate until we know how many are traveling. We just have a ballpark figure right now.


For those in the group flight, we will be renting vans for ground transportation. For those arranging their own flights, you can rent your own car, or arrange with us to ride in the group vans for the same rate that the flight group will be paying for them. You would be responsible to get yourselves to and from the LA airport if your flight arrives/departs at a different time than the group flight.



You can drive your own cars/vans. Most of the families bringing multiple dancers/kids will be driving. You will meet us there, and drive yourselves to the different locations.



Group Hotel: We will make a group reservation with a main-gate hotel. We prefer a hotel that is within close walking distance to the Disneyland main gate. This allows for easy come-and-go. We (my family) often eat outside the park, come back to the hotel for a short break, etc. There are several fast food/restaurants/markets close by.


All hotels in the Disney area are quite expensive. We have been in contact with many hotels trying to find the best price/location combination. Right now we have rooms held at the Park Place Inn & Suites. The rooms accommodate 6 (2 queens and a double pull-out sofa). They have a full breakfast included. Parking is $10/night (all hotels in the area charge for parking). There are a few hotels on the same street that are $20/night less, but don’t include breakfast, so this is a wash in price difference. The hotel also has 4-person rooms (2 queens) if you want that size of room for your family.


For dancers traveling alone, we will assign them together into rooms. For dancers and a parent traveling together, we will assign them into a room with other parent-dancer sets, or dancers. For example, 2 mothers/2 daughters and 2 other dancers would be together in a room.


Self-Booked hotel: You are welcome to stay at another hotel (or with family/friends). If so, you need to commit to having your dancer at each location on time with the group. If you stay in another location, you shouldn’t plan to have your dancer hang-out at the group hotel.


Please note that the per-night rate that hotels list are the base price, and don’t include the resort fee (usually $30) and the 17% hotel tax, which significantly increases the listed rate. For example, many hotels have a $189 rate listed, but with the additional fees/taxes, the room rate is actually $237.  Make sure you check that before booking.



The FINAL TOTAL PRICE will be set once we know for sure how many are in the group. The prices listed now are an estimate and can go up or down, not more than $50/person (hopefully).


There are two fees in addition to the tour costs:

1. Dancer’s Fee: $50. This covers the rehearsals in May and the costume fee.

2. Trip Fee: this covers the cost of the director's and coach's travel and lodging. This cost will be totaled and then divided among the entire group. It is usually around $25/person. It has been included in the prices listed.



There are different Price Packages depending on who is going and how you are traveling.


1. Total Package: This is for dancers traveling without family members or with 1 or 2 family members. They can either fly with the group or drive, and stay in the group hotel in a room with group members.


2. Base Package without hotel: This is for families who want to have their own hotel room at the group hotel, or will be booking their own lodging. The base price is per-person.  The “driving” base price includes everything except the transportation and lodging. The “flying” base price includes everything except the lodging.


Note: We will be customizing each family’s account according to their specific details of how many/who/how traveling, etc.



Deposit & Commitment form here: IBA SoCal Tour

   Driving: $  50/person

   Flying:  $150/person



We didn’t address this in the meeting. We don’t do any official fundraising for this trip as a studio. We do two general fundraisers a year that are open to any of the IBA dancers. Dancers can earn a little or a lot doing these, and can use their earnings how they choose. Last year one dancer earned over $600 between these two activities.


1. DWTS pre-sales. Dancers can pre-sell tickets to the DWTS show. The tickets cost $5/person, $20/family. The dancers usually get 50-70% of their sales in return depending on the proceeds. (details coming out soon for this one).


2. Treehouse Nursery flower baskets. In the spring, dancers can sell flower baskets. They earn $5/basket for the small ones, and $10 basket for the large ones.


A third opportunity is running concessions at the competitions. The Christmas Classic in December is a small event, and usually brings in about $300 total for the day. The Gem State Classic in March is a very large 3-day event, and brings in significantly more money. We have had 2-3 families work together on Gem State in the past (before Daniel took it over the past couple years). If you are interested in either of these two events, please contact me. We give priority to families who are going on the summer tour.

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