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East Coast 2020

Approx. $2000-$2100

Why we go…


WHO: 9th - 12th grade dancers (age 14+)

WHO ELSE: Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents) are welcome to join

NOV. 10 Deposit Due: $500/person

FEB. 1  2nd payment, $800/person

APR. 1  Final payment, $800*/person

*last payment will go up or down depending
on final cost.

Some have asked why this is so expensive. Well - it’s because it is expensive to fly, charter a bus, and stay in hotels… It is very true that you could probably do this trip on your own for a lower cost, for example by finding a killer internet airfare deal, using cheap airbnb lodging, and public transportation. However - none of these are options for group travel. Please know that we try to plan as frugally as possible. We do not pay a travel agent to plan our tours. Doing the planning and arranging ourselves saves at least $200 - $300/person for a state-side tour, and more for an oversees trip.

East Coast Tour - Tentative Itinerary

DAY                                           WHERE                                                                                                                                               

Mon. JUNE 3rd      Fly red eye SLC to Boston (arrive Tues morning)
Tues. JUNE 4th      BOSTON
Wed. JUNE 5th       BOSTON

Thur. JUNE 6th       Travel Boston - NYC

Fri. JUNE 7th           NYC

Sat. JUNE 8th          NYC

Sun. JUNE 9th         NYC, Travel to Philadelphia 
Tues. JUNE 11th       Travel to GETTYSBURG, tour, travel to WDC

Wed. JUNE 12th       WDC

Thur. JUNE 13th.     WDC

Fri. JUNE 14th          WDC, evening flight to SLC 

We will visit the major sites in each city.  

We will do one day of school shows and a church youth activity in each city (not Philly). 


Year 1:  Europe

2017, 2021, 2025


Year 2: California

2018, 2022, 2026

Year 3: East Coast 

2019, 2023, 2027

Year 4: tbd

Parents Trip??

9-12th graders, Parents, ext family welcome. Cost: $3000ish. Prague, Czech Republic; Salzburg, Austria; Munich, Germany (Bavaria); Preston & London England, Paris.


Family trip – all ages. 1st Week of June. Cost: driving $600s, flying $800s

Universal Studios, Disneyland, Medieval Times Castle, Beach. 

9-12th graders. Early June. Cost $2,000ish. Washington DC, New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Workshops and shows with local youth groups. 


1. Who is eligible to go?  Dancers 9th – 12th grades.  Any dancer not traveling with a parent or family member will be assigned to an adult. We consider the adults who travel with us our assistant “shepherds” and they will have a few sheep, beside their own, assigned to them.

2. Can Parents go?  Yes, we usually have a large group of parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

3. When is the trip?  First two weeks of June.

4. When are the practices for the dancers? The tour team/s will begin early morning practices in April. We haven’t yet determined the schedule. It may be twice a week depending on the amount of material to be learned.

5. What do we do?  See itinerary. This is a “sampler” trip, we visit the highlights in each city.

6. How much does it cost?  Ballpark: $2000. The final cost depends on airfare and group size.

7. What is included in the cost:  Everything except lunch/dinner and souvenirs. Includes: airfare, ground travel, hotel w/ breakfast, all admissions as group.

8. How much should we plan on for meals? Minimum $15/day, average $20. We don’t eat as a group, so everyone will be in control of their food budget.

9. Hotel rooming assignments: The cost is based on 4 person/room. We will try to fill each room with 4 people, either 4 dancers, or 2 parents and 2 dancers, etc.  If there are fewer than 4 in a room by family choice, we will customize the cost of the hotel on their account.

10. When do we have to decide?  Nov 1. There will be a commitment form and deposit due.

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